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StarLight Terminus 

A one player game you can pick up and enjoy in no time at all.  Its a search and destroy to clear out hostile enemies and clear the area. 

About the game: https://exocarbonsoft.com/2018/07/06/starlight-terminus/


StarLight, an Elite Class Pilot.  It is you who has been selected to take up the challenge in removing a difficult stronghold.  It has taken root through out the galaxy hidden in different nebulas.  The infestation is widespread and the call for the elite has been sent out, but the answer to the call has been few.  For this reason, pilots will be entering into known hostile territories alone.  Know that for all who answer, their names are written across the stars of destiny!


Different worlds have been over run and seized by an unknown entity named Terminus.  For ages unknown, this foe has been seeking to consume everything in the cosmos for complete dominance.  This disaster has changed and ruined the lives of many inhabitants for a millenia.

Assume the role StarLight to bring hope back into the universe and bring an end to Terminus the Foe!

Controller Setup:


  • 12 stages selectable in any order
  • xbox controller enabled
  • small light package suitable for most laptops and small desktops


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